Vertical Gardens

A vertical garden is also referred to as a green wall or living wall. Living walls are self sufficient vertical gardens that are attached to exterior or interior walls of a building. They differ from green fa├žades (e.g. ivy walls) in that the plants are rooted in a structural support which is fixed to the wall itself. The plants receive water and nutrients from within the vertical support instead of from the ground.
In vertical gardens, various types of modular panels can be used along with geotextile fabrics, growing media, irrigation systems, and plants.
Living walls are particularly suitable for cities, as they allow good use of available vertical surface areas. The living wall could also function for urban agriculture, urban gardening, or for its beauty as art.


Green walls combine the works of art by nature in different ways as there are numerous varieties of plants that can be used in differentcombinations
Indoor Air Quality
It is well established that plants can purify air. Along with indoor potted plants, green walls go a long way in improving indoor air quality.
Living wall: This type consists of felt fabric fixed on a support, which in turn is fixed to the wall. Plants can be planted directly into slits made to this fabric.

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